No-Selling Eco-Friendly Yield Optimizer, Keep All Yields

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Earn & Stack Yields

Get best yield for your investments; no yields are sold

Automate Reinvestment

Yields are reinvested automatically for more yields

Support Ecosystem

Reduce selling pressure on projects and grow together


Sustainable Yield Farming

Reduce Selling Pressure

Most yield optimizers employs 'selfish' strategies that sells underlying project yields in order to compound on the principal. This creates a huge selling pressure on the underlying project which further pushes down the price over time indefinitely. By not selling underlying project yield, you reduce the selling pressure on the project and therefore help to maintain the price point.

Support Entire Ecosystem

Projects spend a lot of effort to provide such yields. The more selling pressure they get, the lower the price will become. The lower the price, the harder it is to increase it. Hence it does not make sense to simply dump on their hardwork. Stop this vicious cycle and let projects grow. And so will your yield.

Think Long-Term

Ever regretted selling your yields too early? It is no doubt that short-sighted investors tend to miss out high returns on their investments. Holders are winners.

Eco-friendly strategy

How it works



User deposits principal into vault to earn yield.


Yield is harvested from the underlying pool.


Harvested yield is reinvested into another strategy. It is NOT sold for compounding.


Get back the principal + yields, instead of just more principal.


Customized vault strategies

All projects are different and each has their own dynamics with the entire ecosystem. Therefore each strategy has to be fully customized. We welcome projects to work with us to create unique no-selling strategies. Let's grow the ecosystem together!

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